SHAREcenter's  mission is to Rescue, Reusable Resources,  by recycling, reducing and diverting waste while also supporting the needs and concerns of Maine's Environment , Education and Economy .

SHAREcenter recognizes the benefits of promoting a "Circular Economy" as a positive balance of our planet's ecosystem and economy leading to a better quality of life for our children and communities.

SHAREcenter serves schools, nonprofits and some for-profit organizations through a school calendar membership program.These different groups pay a nominal annual membership fee based on their criteria.Once the membership is paid,staff are allowed to come and gather rescued "in kind" items to supplement their needs at little to mostly no additional charge to their fee.

SHAREcenter was established almost 30 years ago. We are a completely self funded program. We raise revenue through memberships, grants, fundraisers and benefactors.

Our program collects, organizes and offers rescued materials such as arts & crafts, office supplies, classroom materials, cleaning products, personal hygiene items, new clothing, school supplies, and STEAM materials to our members. We also redirect office, classroom, and household furniture along with housewares and much more out of the waste stream and into the hands of our most needy Maine residents.

SHAREcenter partners with colleges and  other businesses not wanting to throw away these still valuable furnishings and supplies for lack of space by redirecting these items to schools and nonprofits with specific needs. This not only helps members but saves our donors thousands of dollars in disposal fees while alleviating the impact on climate change, creating a true win win,win!